It’s time to inject a little life back into all your old faithful’s and we’re not just on about jeans - why not grab that old sweater or vintage denim jacket too? Our fun and frivolous, easy to wear badges are just what the doctor ordered.

We get it! Jeans are the foundations for any outfit and I think we can all agree, there is one pair in our wardrobe that are our ‘go to’.  They’re probably slightly faded, more than likely have a little scuff from being over worn but darn it, they fit you like a glove. Don’t panic girls, we’re not going to tell you to give up on them just yet.  

Imagery sourced from Pinterest 

We hear your cry girls and we’ve got your back with this one!

Why not pop a mini fist on the pocket of that old denim jacket for added edge or if you’re feeling a little more daring, an applique lipstick on your thigh – these are bound to bring a zap of personality to any outfit.

Don’t fear! For all you girls out there that don’t have the time or creative flow to get artsy – we haven’t forgotten about you. Brands such as Schmiley Mo and Ninii are here to help you cheat your outfit’s way to customisation cool.