BRAND WATCH: Connie Denim

Customisation is key this season and boy, are we into it! 

Whether it’s a tassel that your weekend vibe is missing or a splash of paint to brighten up your morning commute – our Connie Denim has got you covered. 

DIY fashion has never been cuter and what’s cooler than ‘Doing It Yourself’, than ‘Not Doing It Yourself’? Tell me more we hear you say...  Well in case you haven’t got the time to get creative, don’t fear – all the hard work has been done for you. This hand-made collection screams ‘individuality’ and what more could any fashion enthusiast want from a classic, wardrobe staple.

So if it’s a varsity feel that you’re into, then look no further – our Connie Dark Blue Jeans with Patch Detail are the pair for you. For something a little more girly glam, we’re talking embellishment and ribbon, then you’ll probably want to grab yourself a pair of the Connie Cropped Peal and Ribbon Jeans. 

Thank us later!