After a long hot summer that brought us a cocktail of bold prints, colours and trends; Autumn’s seasonal offering may seem a little stuck in the mud. However, this tanned trend is not to be underestimated as this seasons must-have hue has firmly rooted itself into collections by Tods and Chloe and with a vast spectrum ranging from rich chocolates to dustings of cinnamon. Brown is the hue that every fashionista wants to be seen in this season, you heard it here first, girls. 


Neutral tones for Autumn, groundbreaking right? But this season’s focus isn’t on how to style overfamiliar earthy tones, but rather focusing on brown as the main event. Think of it as blacks more subdued, warmer cousin ready to help you navigate the muddy, transitional terrain we call Autumn. But, if head to toe brown feels a little too far out of your comfort zone, there are plenty of other ways you can harness the beauty of brown and get playful with the palette. 

 Okay, so not everyone wants to wear one colour head to toe and the overall idea of wearing this trend might seem challenging. However, going by what the fashion-sphere are wearing, there are plentiful styling techniques that can be used to make all over brown totally chic. Pair a rich chocolate shade with relaxed tailoring, making the whole concept of brown on brown less scary and more wearable. Opt for a check on top of this, and not only will your fashion points go through the roof, the solid colour will be broken up creating a much more dynamic look- and when paired with a cool girl trainer, you are set for work or play.  

 Another way to work this trend through statement pieces is to colour co-ordinate with accessories. Brown incorporated into animal print just makes sense- from zebra to leopard we just can’t seem to shoo them off. Make a statement and choose brown animal print on a maxi dress, co-ordinated with a chocolate faux fur bag or boot that will pull your look together.

Going tonal is a sure fire way to streamline any look and will guarantee you an effortless ‘I just threw this together’ vibe. Seeing as this hue has such a vast spectrum of shades, a brown tonal outfit will be way more stimulating than it sounds. Ranging from earthy cool undertones to warm auburns your choices are pretty much endless. 


Toughen up a subdued, feminine beige with a rich chocolate brown creating contrast within your look but keeping it totally sleek at the same time. Opting for a classic shape such as a leather jacket in a deep, luxe brown will offer a twist on a shape that every fashionista is familiar with- keeping you fashion forward and totally on trend. 


Choosing a check print is the ideal way to go tonal this autumn. The warm range of shades within this print wont seem garish and offers a seasonal contrast from your usual blue jeans. A brown check print on a trouser or skirt is a perfect starting point for a tonal look, so pair pretty much anything you like in this colour palette and your effortless weekend-worthy look is complete!

Navigating your style through this transitional time can be tricky, but by using simple techniques such as contrasting colours and fabrics will enable you to pull together looks that will make you wish it was Autumn 365 days a year.


If lighter, neutral shades of brown are your thing, pair with a deeper shade of another colour to set off your whole look. Navy blue will offer a colder contrast to the warm undertone of the brown and create an outfit that is interesting as well as undoubtably chic. For a truly festive feel, spark up your brown by opting for lively texture, proving that this shade is totally suitable for party season. Contrast the sparkly brown with a deep luxe velvet that will put a truly sophisticated spin on your look.