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A nineties essential turned to a noughties necessity - the choker made its comeback a few seasons ago and we just can’t get enough of it. Although there was speculation in the fashion world that the coveted accessory was getting ready to make an exit (queue emotional goodbye), by the look of Paris Fashion Week – this is one accessory that has no intentions of going anywhere anytime soon. Phew!

So here are 5 reasons why you need a Lovuee Choker in your life…

1. They can be worn with absolutely anything
If Kendall has taught us anything, it’s that chokers are appropriate for every occasion. Whether it’s ‘off duty chic’ that you’re going for or perhaps you’re looking to amp up that date night ensemble –  chokers are the perfect finishing touch.

2. They are the ultimate disguise
For the days when your hair is just not doing what it’s told, so you opt for the ‘up do’ that looks slightly more ‘couldn’t be asked’ than effortless. Well, this statement choker just stole the show. As far as anyone else is concerned, that extremely messy bun was completely intentional, after all it would be rude not to show off how sassy your Lovuee choker is.


3. There’s one for every mood
Whether you’re feeling slightly ‘Bitter’ because those fabulous shoes that you’ve had your eyes on forever just went out of stock, or maybe a little sickly ‘sweet’ because the guy you’re seeing just double texted you – there’s a choker for you. 


4. They add instant edge to any outfit
The choker emerged from the nineties glam grunge scene, so it goes without saying that this accessory instantly adds a rock and roll feel to any look. A little attitude never hurt anybody anyway. 


5. They double up as another SS17 must have
For those awkward moments when you turn up to an event and you see that you and everyone else there got the ‘chokers are key’ memo. So you let your fashion savvy come into play and make a quick dash to the rest rooms to turn your ultra-cool choker into an even more fabulous wrist cuff.