Are you looking for an updated version of your staple shirt? Or perhaps you’re wanting to trade in your tailored trousers for something a little more thrilling like frill hemmed culottes… (do you like what we did there?) Well if you’re looking for pieces to accompany your ‘new year, new you’ mentality - then English Factory is just the brand for you!

This Los Angeles based label is known for reinventing classic shapes and silhouettes to create unique and fashion forward pieces. You’ll find that English Factory are also influenced by the juxtaposition of contrasting textures and fabrics, which are featured throughout every collection. That’s right, whether it be via a mesh sleeve or fur collar, this brand will make you want to swap out your everyday, ordinary pieces for new, reworked statement styles. And the best part yet, is that even though every piece is adorned with a distinct element that makes them stand out from the rest, each and every style is super wearable and surprisingly timeless. 

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