Colour is the simplest way to stay on trend and there is something about a neutral palette that screams understated sophistication. When we refer to earthy tones, it’s natural to assume that we are referring to an array of beiges, browns and khakis. Well, think again, girls – this Spring / Summer we’re talking vibrant hues and crisp colourings. 

Here is your need to knows for keeping your Spring / Summer dressing down to earth…

Keeping it fresh 

A neutral palette may mean going slightly more tonal, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate a zing of colour. For a fresh take on keeping your Spring / Summer looks exciting, grab a statement piece such as a patterned top – lemons are a personal favourite of ours this season. This will be the main focal point for your look, which means you can keep the rest of the outfit relatively simple. Did somebody easy, breezy dressing?

Tonal Texture

 Although muted colours give off a chic and effortless visage, they can sometimes look flat. To avoid this and give your look a ‘pick me up’, find a piece that is made interesting with pleats and gathers, as well as full of texture. This will add depth to your look and bring any outfit to life. This little number from Endless Rose is ideal for Spring / Summer dressing, thanks to its crochet panels, ruched skirt and ring detailing. 

Finding your shade

You may find that certain shades of beige or nude wash you out – don’t panic girls, this is normal and there is a shade out there for every single one of us. However, if you’re struggling to find the perfect one to compliment you, don’t forget earthy tones can be something a little punchier so why not try a combination of burnt orange and forest green. Who knew, hey?