AW18 sees Cubic embarking on an enchanted tale of girl meets dress. In a twist of fate, she falls down a rabbit hole, landing in a world where our favourite literary legends live in chorus with our modern-day Blair and Serenas.


Here at Own the Look we know all too well that deciding between a light jacket or a fur coat can cause the style sweats, so Cubic challenge the new season by transitioning our imaginations of Jane Austen, Macbeth and Othello into modern-day fashion, making your wardrobe’s journey from Summer into Autumn seem as easy as saying yes to Mimosa Monday. Overcoats with rich hues of red wine fur are interrupted by denim mom jeans and splashes of bright reds, blues and yellows, to channel your inner Mark Francis whilst imitating your denim-daydream Julia Roberts. Make your next #TransformationTuesday a fashion one, as humbug-sweet-green hues in wide sleeves and structured wrap-around mini-skirts take you from Dickensian Doll to Modern Muse.


The Princess flirts with the Pauper as Cubic reimagines Victorian visions of corsetry and new Romanticism in pie crust collars and lace up waist and cuff detailing, tying them together in this collection, reinventing fairy tale fashion to make it wearable every day and letting us girls live out our Princess dreams. Move over Markle. Let neutral toned turtlenecks sweep you from lunchtime pumpkin spiced lattes to late-night date-night daquiris with your gal pals. The eccentric styling opportunities are endless when your cocktail complements your Cubic.


A collection that features a cast of pieces which ooze imagination, warmth and creativity, Cubic have designed your Autumn wardrobe in a font that fits everybody’s Summer-to-Autumn story.