They’ve done it again, and in serious style! We wouldn’t expect anything less from this cool and contemporary label, right? Once again, we are yet to be let down by our seasonal saviour… Cubic. This is the brand that makes transitioning from season to season less daunting yet more daring. 

The brand has come to our rescue with a collection full of creative cuts, powerful pastel shades and a whole load of updated denim – we call that the ultimate answer to our pre-summer/post-winter prayers. Cubic’s combination of easy to wear and fashion forward pieces, make this brand the ‘go to’ for reimagined versions of all your favourite styles. From a cute cropped shirt with a pocket framed by an oversized frill to a classic boucle jacket in a pretty pink that works just as well for the office as it does for the weekend. A masterclass in contemporary dressing, Cubic keeps its shapes simple whilst adorning them with adorable detailing that allows them to stand on their own. 


So, if you’re looking for a piece that oozes personality, with fun and frivolous features including corset waistbands, tulle bows and asymmetric hems – then look no further than Cubic. No style is ever ordinary with this brand and every individual piece ticks off a multitude of trends – what more could a fashionista want?

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