Dressing for the holidays can be quite the challenge, regardless of where you plan to spend it. Whether you’re heading to your S.O family home or having a low key ‘Friendsgiving’, ultimately you will be spending the weekend in a food frenzy, if not, food coma. So, girls, it’s essential to decide on an outfit that is not only Instagram worthy but one that you will be thankful for after multiple rounds of ‘seconds’ (Let’s face it, nobody cares about ‘beating the bloat’ when there’s pumpkin pie making its way around).

Whilst it’s important to keep your Thanksgiving look completely functional, it’s high on our lists to ensure that we look fashionable as well. To ensure you can enjoy your holidays (and of course, the food) we have styled four different looks to keep you feeling fabulous throughout the festivities.  

This festive frock is perfect for over indulging this Thanksgiving. Its loose fit and dropped hem allows you to disguise any lumps and bumps that may evolve throughout the day, without compromising on style. By opting for a dress, you allow your outfit to look and feel instantly more glam – especially when you throw a deep cerise velvet into the equation and a sophisticated patent boot.

English Factory Dress, Truffle Boots, Street Level Bag


A jumpsuit is a great alternative to a dress if you’re looking to shake up your seasonal attire. The loose fit of this piece ensures that comfort remains key, whilst the vertical stripes offer an additional slimming tool at no extra effort. Layered over a statement blouse, this look is classic and will be sure to see you through starter, main and dessert.

Style Mafia Top, Ouor Jumpsuit, Truffle Boots

Skinny jeans are a no go at this time of year, but that doesn’t mean you need to rule denim out completely. Get the perfect balance of slouchy and stylish by opting for a pair of boyfriend fit jeans teamed with an opulent printed pyjama shirt. Also, be sure to ditch the slippers in favour of some faux fur mules for a little added panache.

N12H Top, Articles Of Society Jeans, Sweet Deluxe Earrings, Truffle Shoes


Ode to the stretchy saviour!
  This look right here is the best of both worlds, and this is why… Whilst you still get the expandability of the waistband teamed with the super soft, yet super statement sweater – the metallic pleats of the skirt keep this look fashion forward. Don’t forget to finish this look off by grabbing some heeled boots – with a pastel pink heel of course!

Blake Seven Jumper, Cubic Skirt, Truffle Boots