Think nineties vintage, reworked into unique pieces with a contemporary twist. Is it just us or does that sound like a treasure chest rather than a capsule collection? 

French brand Hit The Road Jacques was created several years ago by Parisian designer, Jeanne Faucher. Looking to vintage fashion for inspiration and combining it with the current trends of today, an eclectic collection full of unique and exclusive pieces were born. 

The label gives off a modernist impression influenced by sports luxe, which can be seen throughout the collection in the form of a neoprene jacket or two. Chevron panels, velvet detailing which are an exclusive touch from Own The Look, as wells as a bunch of crew necks are just a few of the famous details that make up this collection and make it such a coveted brand. The label focuses heavily on being experimental and making their own rules, reinventing every style and making it their own.

Hit the road Jacques is ideal for adding a pang of statement to any look, so if you’re feeling daring and are looking to steal the limelight in something that screams premium – grab yourself an exclusive vinyl jacket or snakeskin skirt!