Ode to jeans – a wardrobe staple and a fundamental piece that hold any outfit together. However, finding the right fit for you can be tricky, regardless of the endless styles, cuts and shapes available to us nowadays. We’ve all been there and succumb to purchasing a trendy pair, with all the right detailing for that particular season, but of course, they fade after one wash and become unflattering around certain areas.

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Choosing the ideal jeans brand is like picking a boyfriend, you want a pair that are reliable, that have your back and make you feel good. A partner in crime, for say… 

Well, meet Los Angeles brand, Articles of Society! They are a brand that provides cutting edge jeans, that are created for a fashionable, budget-conscious generation. They offer a denim that is revolutionary, versatile, and above all iconic. Their focus is fit and composition – which means when both are combined, a pair of jeans are produced that not only look premium, but feel it.

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