It’s 2019 and naturally, we are all on the prowl for some new inspiration and hungry for that new trend. With the spotlight being heavily focused on animal print this season, it’s hard to avoid the jungle fever that surrounds this fierce print. Between the runway and the street style scene, we have all gone wild for stripes and spots alike and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t on the hunt for a trophy piece that will earn us our fashion stripes.

A few seasons ago we were convinced tiger print was having it’s 5 minutes of fame and that zebra print shirt we bought would be caged away until further notice… but how we were wrong! We seriously underestimated the resilience and versatility of this roaring trend. There are so many new variations of how to wear animal print, with design houses such as Roberto Cavalli and Ashley WIlliams evolving and creating new adaptations for us to get our teeth stuck into.


So, that leaves us with one question - who is your style spirit animal this season?

Leopard print may be dominating the fashion plains right now, but for a look that will ensure you’re separated from the herd, why not opt for zealous zebra print instead. This monochromatic print is an easy way to earn your style stripes, with very little effort. By layering a tonal zebra printed maxi under an oversized sweater and teaming with dad trainers, you’ll no longer be bottom of the fashion food chain!


dress / top / sunglasses / shoes 

Leopards may be known for never changing their spots, but out of their natural habitat and in the fashion world, they do. Design houses such as Off White and Tom Ford have evolved classic prints from neutral hues to contemporary colourways. So why not follow suit and amp up your daytime look by incorporating a vibrant version of your favourite animal print into your wardrobe. Note: keep your look tonal like the street style mavens.


blazer / trousers / bag / shoes

Animal print once had a bad rep for being a little tacky, but nowadays sleek prints, such as snakeskin oozes style, substance and sophistication. This reptile inspired print is a welcome addition to our wardrobe. For a venomous combination that will ensure your look exudes luxe appeal, layer a metallic snake skin jacket over a pair of off-white trousers and accessorize with a tan bag, like a true street style starlet.


jacket / top / trousers / bag