It’s 2018 and climate change has become the hottest topic around (no pun intended), and we’re all chipping in to do our bit - like buying a reusable cup for our morning lattes or walking to pre-drinks instead of taking a 5-minute Uber. But it seems that now more than ever, with minimalist living becoming mainstream, we seem to be constantly pushed towards adopting a simplistic approach to styling, with the classic ‘less is more’ cliché drilled into us and capsule wardrobes becoming the norm…However, Australian brand CMEO are going against the Scandi-born minimalistic movement with a ‘more is more’ approach to AW fashion – showing us that we can still re-use, without looking recycled.


CMEO are no stranger to championing statement pieces that offer that little bit of added drama, and have curated a collection of wearable innovation, reminiscent of runway creations for this season. From ruffles to ruching, CMEO have switched it up from the tidy, sharp edges we’re used to seeing in minimalistic, refined styling. Flirt with bold, oversized silhouettes, such as balloon sleeves and palazzo trousers with a contemporary bag waist, which offer flouncy and playful movement as you waft into your morning meeting, looking all things Girl Boss. CMEO have got the balance just right, using strategic cinching details to add some shape to your ensemble, creating a feminine aesthetic at the core. 


Muted, minimalistic tones have been chucked in favour of bright colourways like punchy pinks and lemon yellow, which helps to maximise your outfit and create eye catching looks, perfect for standing out from the crowd. Mix in playful patterns, like check - the trend of the moment – in silky soft fabrics for instant luxe appeal. For a fresh take on your night-out look, CMEO offers glam, glittery garments to strut your stuff in and give ‘jeans and a nice top’ a touch of maximalism.


So, this season let CMEO show you that embracing the extra, maximalism aesthetic doesn’t have to mean going the extra mile (emissions friendly).