Clean, sleek and an undeniably timeless pairing – just a few reasons why we adore this classic duo. 

Designers reinvent monochrome season after season and have inadvertently made it a trend mainstay - the use of black and white offers the perfect contrast, which makes it the ultimate ‘go to’ since forever. Not only is it versatile and easy to wear but has the ‘simple yet effective’ factor that we all look for when styling up a look. When teamed together, the two shades create an air of sophistication that no other colour combination can compete with and what’s more, they are undoubtedly flattering and suit every shape and skin tone. 

So, to keep your mono-moments current and more creative than the last - here are our five top rules on how to wear this dynamic double act… 

1. By adding a pop of colour to a monochrome look, it can lift it and bring the look together. The best way to incorporate colour is through accessories or even a red lip!

2. To save your monochrome look from looking flat, opt for contrasting textures. This will not only bring your outfit to life, but will give serious high fashion feels. A personal favourite of ours is leather and lace. 

3. For the risk-takers, that enjoy creating a clash – team two black and white prints together to create a daring opposition. Note – this is one rule that must be worn with confidence and a little sass.

4. When black and white are paired together they exude elegance, but for a more casual feel, team with denim. The three together make for the perfect off-duty feel!

5. It’s so easy to make black and white look plain and unexciting when paired together, especially if you go for basic shapes. Experiment with styles and silhouettes that are on trend for the season and a little more exaggerated.

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