A basic - the glue that holds all outfits together and a wardrobe essential we’d be lost without. But why is it that when we think of ‘basics’ does our mind instantly associate it with the classic white tee?  

Well, we’re about to turn that mind set on its head with Korean brand, Side Party – a label that twists the traditions of our much-loved basics!

Side Party blends elements of Korean streetwear with a London edge, which oozes a cool and preppy vibe that we here at OTL HQ just can’t get enough of! The brand features a bunch of retro detailing across the collection (queue flashbacks to when we were the cool kids of the 90’s) - we’re talking ribbed textures, frilled hemlines and contrasting piping.  

What’s more, this is one brand that doesn’t compromise quality so although you may not be used to investing into basics, Side Party’s luxe versions give you every reason to want to. Let’s not forget its timeless clean cuts and relaxed silhouettes either, which undoubtedly make it the perfect ‘go to’ for layering. This label gives the everyday staple exactly what it’s been crying out for - a fun and fresh makeover, all in time for Summer!

 So, if you’re looking for something that’s going to aid you in effortless styling, then this is the brand for you is for you. Whilst it’s still does its job as a basic, it adds that little dash of something extra and exciting and in our eyes, what more could you want from an everyday essential?