With January comes a new shiny version of yourself and we’d all be lying if we said that we hadn’t set ourselves a few tasks to self-improve this year. Whilst some of us are choosing to join the gym or even giving up sweet treats – here at OTL we are opting for something a little easier. (Can you blame us?)


It is a new year and indeed it is time for a change – especially as we are presented with a fresh start/blank canvas – whatever you want to call it! So instead of setting ourselves unrealistic goals of giving up things that we enjoy or beginning things we don’t, we are taking a different approach and instead looking to achieve something that will make us happy rather than hindered. What makes a fashionista happier than clothes? New clothes.


Now the glitter and glam from the festive period has been pushed to the back of the cupboard, and your everyday wardrobe is making you feel extremely uninspired – we’re here to help. It’s time to ditch the outdated styles that are looking dull in comparison to the 2019 version of ourselves. After all, we should invest in new pieces to suit the new us, right?

It’s an easy upgrade and a welcome addition that will transform a look from basic to brilliant. Tucked in or left loose, these styles will hold their own with any look they’re paired with.

 Jeans are an obvious option, so if you’re looking to elevate a look – this sartorial style is the way to go. If the ‘new you’ fancies standing out more, then punchy colourways are a must!

A jazzed-up jumper adds new dimensions to your wardrobe, especially with a side of sporty. This layering tool will ooze fresh feels, that will change up your day to day looks with very little effort.

 January’s weather calls for all the layers and a maxi dress offers just that. Not only are they less effort in terms of styling, but they exude a luxe yet laid-back feel when teamed with a slouchy knit and biker boots.

It’s a new year and that means back to business, so slouchy styles should be left in December along with the stretchy pants. A power player in a vibrant colourway or revamped print is an essential!