It goes without saying that buying new clothes will make you happy, after all, there is no better feeling than receiving that order confirmation email, right… but sometimes what we really need are clothes that will put a smile on your face and that’s exactly what Dutch label, Blake Seven have curated. 


From trophy tee’s to statement slogan sweaters, this brand’s creative flow is fuelled by supporting one the biggest trends out there right now – women empowerment. Here at OTL HQ, we are all about supplying our girl gang with pieces that will not only make you look sassy and strong, but feel it too! So, with every collection the Blake Seven build being created around an optimistic mood, it’s inevitable that every piece will ooze an air of confidence, with a side of tongue in cheek attitude… which is of course welcomed with open arms!


If you want to guarantee a good mood, then grabbing yourself an easy tee branded with a sparkly ‘SMILE’ is a sure-fire way to do so! We might be holding out for that Indian summer, but days are becoming noticeably shorter and the weather far bleaker, with that said our initial reaction is to begin hibernating, right? But there are some sweaters that weren’t meant for just staying in for sofa Sundays – these luxe layers that come in an array of pretty pastel hues have what it takes to brighten up those crisp autumn days.