Say ‘hello’ to our #OTLGirl of the month – Monikh Dale!  

Monikh first emerged onto the fashion scene as a personal shopper, but is now recognised for not only being one the UK’s most renowned influencers but for her innovative approach to styling. 

Monikh pushes boundaries with her unconventional looks – her creative flair  is a reflection of her her colourful personality and personal aesthetic. This #OTL girl’s take on styling is flamboyant and one that creates an energy. Her use of dramatic fabrics, vibrant palette and contrasting textures show off her artistic edge, as well as exerting an air of confidence.

From Monikh herself we talk style advice, inspiration and her finest fashion moments… 


What’s your first thought when putting a look together? Where do you start? 
How do I feel today? I base everything on feelings, you know what vibe you’re going to get from me by my clothes. 

What’s the best piece of style advice you’ve ever been given and who gave it to you?
‘That colour looks great on her skin tone’, it’s from a video of my first birthday party and was said to my Mum by my Aunty. 
When seeing it a couple of years ago, my thought first being, what a strange comment to say to a 1 year old birthday girl (well I wasn’t the prettiest), but then it made me think yes – that shade was a good colour on me and I should call to my strengths. 

How has your style evolved over the years?
From uber minimal to slightly cluttered eclectic. It’s all about dressing for who I am, what suits me and makes me feel at my most sassiest. 

 What would you consider to be your finest fashion moment?
Being at a fashion shoot for ‘The Cool Kids of India’, a piece that was in Elle India. It was a huge ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me’ moment.

 What most inspires your style?
A complete mixture! I love looking at the runway, the designs are always so beautiful and thoughtfully curated, but then I love taking inspo from street style and seeing how others transfer the runway to street.  

What are your top 3 wardrobe essentials?
An incredible pair of jeans, the ‘IT’ bag and a simple statement t-shirt. 

What new season trends will you be working into your SS17 wardrobe?
Lots of yellow! I’m obsessed with it.



What’s your go-to look for:

The Office
I don’t have an office. I work by myself, so its normally boyfriend jeans and a vintage tee.

After Work Cocktails 
I’m always pretty relaxed, so maybe a killer pair of deconstructed jeans with some statement shoes. Tops for me are varied, but mostly casual. 

A Lazy Weekend
A tea dress and trainers.  

What’s your must-have piece from our SS17 collection? 
That scarf print pleated skirt, it’s a complete dream! It also gives you that super feminine feeling and lots of dramatic movement.  

Finally, what does being an #OTLgirl represent to you?
Being part of a collective and creative group of women who can grow and support each other together is super important. Us girls are more powerful together!  


Sneakers or stilettos? sneakers

 Structure or slouchy? slouch 

Clutches or totes? totes

 Vintage or new? new 

Skinny or wide leg? straight 

Colour or print? colour 

Hippie or city? both 

Gingham or stripes? stripes 

Spring Summer or Autumn Winter? That’s like being asked which one is your favourite child. 

High-street or luxury? LUXURY


Photographer: Rebecca Botin