Meet our #OTLgirl of the month, one of Germany’s most recognised influencers and style maven, Nina Suess. Nina’s effervescent personality and positive exterior reflects the empowering nature of her wonder-woman-worthy style. Effortlessly cool, undeniably bold and majorly chic, just a few reasons why Nina embodies everything about being an OTL girl. 

An expert at layering, the ability to add an unconventional edge to every look and not to mention her avant-garde flare – there’s nothing that this OTL girl can’t do.

From Nina Suess herself, we talk style, wardrobe essentials and her finest fashion moment...

What’s your first thought when putting a look together? Where do you start?
I look through my closet; select a piece that I love and then I will style around it. It keeps things interesting!

What’s the best piece of style advice you’ve ever been given and who gave it to you?
The best piece of style advice was from someone at Harpers Bazaar Australia:
‘If you have your outfit completed, take a picture in the mirror. Sometimes you need to see it through a lens and get a totally different perspective.’
She was so right – I always do this now and it really gives a true interpretation! 

How has your style evolved over the years?
When I used to live in Germany I was a little bit more guarded with my style. I was less extravagant, less attention-seeking. Now I feel very brave; I love details and things that are catchy and I like to combine different note-worthy pieces.
I’ve worked in the industry now for a couple of years – I get tired of everyday, ordinary clothes. I like when there’s something different about a piece, I like it to stand out. 

What would you consider to be your finest fashion moment?
The first time that Fendi dressed me (2 years ago). They gave me an amazing coat with a dress underneath and some perfectly cut shoes. The outfit was completely Fendi and I was in heaven. In that exact moment, I thought to myself ‘Wow, I’ve made it.’

What most inspires your style?
My biggest inspiration is the chaos in my wardrobe. I have to put multiple pieces of clothing on one hanger to allow everything to fit in there and sometimes this creates combinations I never thought of – I’ve gotten some amazing results from this! Of course, there are a few influencers that inspire me as well!  

What are your top 3 wardrobe essentials?
#1 Boyfriend jeans because that makes everything a bit more casual, sometimes you need the piece in between that makes the outfit cooler and they are so comfortable. I am always about comfort!
#2 White trainers – So important. Again, comfortable and I don’t like wearing heels all the time. Sometimes I need pieces to dress me down.
#3 Nice designer handbag – I can’t get enough of nice designer handbags. A bag always completes the look!

What new season trends will you be working into your SS17 wardrobe?
More flat mules, like the new Alberta Ferreti mules. A lot of transparent pieces as well – it’s everywhere and I love it! Also, one of those suitcases looking bags, such as Louis Vuitton’s!  


What’s your go-to look for:

The Office
Boyfriend Jeans, hoodie and a nice coat with trainers – comfort is a priority! 

After Work Cocktails
A skirt, it’s just a bit sexier – this always depends on how I feel though.

A Lazy Weekend
Sweatpants (nice ones though), as well as a hoodie and a nice coat. I wish I could have included that in my essential – I LOVE coats! 

What’s your must-have piece from our SS17 collection?
The flared sleeve black jacket that Hannah wore on our shoot – It reminds me of Ellery, which I love! 

Finally, what does being an #OTLgirl mean to you?
It means a lot to me, I’m a big fan of upcoming/new designers and supporting and representing them. I wanted to do something similar once upon a time and it’s great that the co-founder Olivia has been able to achieve this. There are so many great brands that are out there who need a platform in the U.K. and OWNTHELOOK.com has given them that! 

Quick Q's

Sneakers or stilettos? Sneakers

Structure or slouchy? Slouchy

Clutches or totes? Clutches

Vintage or new? OMG – I can’t answer that, it completely depends!

Skinny or wide leg? Wide leg 

Colour or print? Print

Hippie or city? Mix of both 

Gingham or stripes? Stripes 

Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter? Autumn winter

High-street or luxury? Luxury 


Photographer: Rebecca Botin