It’s the trend of the season, remixed prints have pummelled their way down the runways of Prada, Balenciaga and Burberry and they are unapologetically clashing with whoever and whatever they like. You might be thinking this loud and proud look might be reserved for the catwalks, but remixing your prints might be exactly what you need to shake up your summer wardrobe. We aren’t talking about piling on every print you own, but with the right styles, layering tools and colour combinations there are so many ways you can work remixed prints into your everyday looks. 

Weekend dressing is usually about comfy track pants and no bra, but we more than most understand the stress that is caused by a spontaneous Saturday outing or an impulsive boozy brunch, and no outfit to go in. We could just reach for the classic ‘jeans and a nice top’ combo, and don’t get us wrong, that look is faultless every time- but here at OTL we know we can do better than that. Its time to redefine weekend cool and standout at your next Saturday soiree with some loud remix prints.


Weekend cool starts with a jacket that defines casual chic and in a print that is a sure fire way to get in touch with your wild side. A rich navy jacket with a tiger print is loud enough to make a statement on its own, but its dark undertones means this piece isn’t too overpowering and the gold accent buttons give it a luxe finish. Pair the animal print with a simpler monochrome polkadot, such as these relaxed-fit trousers that are not only light and airy but will also keep you cool for wherever your weekend may take you. The two patterns work together as the polka print offsets the dark, rich qualities of the jacket. Keep the bases simple and layer a white crop top under the jacket for a fuss-free look. To add a little fun and femininity, style up with some bright and bold accessories to make your outfit pop; cue the pink mini tote and matching fluffy earrings! Whatever you choose to do at the weekend, do it in style girls. 

In the workplace you are usually confronted with a wave of uninspiring greys, pinstripes and stuffy white shirts. However we know that you #OTLgirls like to be the flamingo in a flock of pigeons, and seeing as we spend the majority of our time on the grind anyway, this trend should totally apply to your workwear dressing, too. This is where remixed prints are going to change your everyday looks, by choosing staple and versatile pieces that work effortlessly on their own, but when styled together, make a loud but fashionable statement. 


For work, the easiest way to contrast yet compliment your prints is by finding a common ground between the patterns. Even though the prints may be totally different, picking up on a matching hue between the two will tie everything together. This botanical blue midi skirt will be on trend season after season, making it a wardrobe workhorse for any fashionista. Its colourful motif offers an array of different opportunities of colours it could be paired with. 


To keep this look feminine and fresh, pick up on the pink in your midi and pair with a sugary sweet gingham shirt; its ditsy check is complimentary of the bigger, bold floral of the skirt. Keep the girly vibes rolling and add a pink statement earring, because being a little extra never hurt nobody, right? To finish off this look with a side of style points, bring out the sunny yellow hue in the skirts print with a pair of canary coloured mules. So girls, the task for your 9-5 is to shake up the office and make sure you let your inner flamingo fly. 

Tis’ the season of special occasions; we’re talking weddings, christenings, birthdays…the list goes on, but it’s mainly just a great excuse to get super dressed up, right? We are obviously a fan of the classic go-to floral maxi dress for a social gathering, but why not try wearing your florals a little differently to your next special event? Clash your staple summery botanicals with another print to have maximum impact. Our tip? As long as you keep the rest of your look clean and cool, you’re onto a winner. 


Now we understand florals and gingham doesn’t seem like the most wearable trends when worn together on paper, but we’ve got some fashion news ladies, it totally works! The most important factor to ensure you pull this look off is to contrast a vivid hue such as pillbox red with a more subdued pastel palette. A romantic leafy blouse with a balloon sleeve is the easiest way to make a statement on any occasion with a print that’s season and fresh. Paired with a pair of, just as bold gingham wide leg trousers equals a look that you’ll be wanting to wear way more than once. The sky blue hue of the trousers brings out the undertone of the top half of your look, instantly developing a relationship between the two separates. Opt for an uncomplicated perspex mule that will peep through the flare of the trouser, keep your tresses pulled back into a low-slung pony and opt for a red lip to keep things consistent! 

A night out with the girls is the ideal time to let your true style shine through, with no restrictions or regulations you are 100% free to be exactly who you are. So take the opportunity to add a little sass to your look by clashing your prints in the boldest way possible; a sure fire way to get you noticed in all the right ways. The technique to making remixed prints exist in perfect harmony is by going tonal, so choose pieces that are varying in shades of the same colour. 


Seeing as its summer, get your pins out and rock a grey check mini - a print that will remain a classic throughout the seasons and is super transitional which is always a bonus. Contrast the geometric straight check with a much softer polkadot print; its black base hue will compliment the greys of the skirt whilst the sheer fabric will soften the overall look. Continue with the spotty theme and add a textured Dalmatian print saddle bag to your ensemble. Although this print falls under the category of ‘animal’, its monochrome palette keeps it in line with the tonal aesthetic of your look. Keep your accessories simple with the addition of circular plated earrings and a simplistic white ankle boot, to offset the grey and blacks of look. By choosing pieces all within the same hue you’ll be happy to hear you can clash your prints as much as your heart desires… looks like spots and stripes can be on the same team after all!