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Whether it’s powder, flouro, bubble gum or fuchsia – there’s a shade out there for you! Forget everything Mean Girls taught you, we’re not just wearing pink on Wednesdays– pink’s the shade of the summer and we cannot get enough of it.

From New York to Paris Fashion Week, catwalks around the world have seen an invasion of ‘all things pink’ and we for one are loving it… After all, if it’s good enough for Valentino and Celine’s runways, it’s 100% worthy of our walk to work, right?

The colour pink has taken on a whole new identity this season; it’s about being bold and powerful.

Did somebody say Girl Power?

We get it, pink can be sickly and at times a bit garish but you can make ‘it’ work for you! For example, chucking on a light pink leather jacket from Genel, just to give your look the lift it needed. Or picking up a pair of Eyelove rose gold sunglasses for that pop of pink every outfit is crying out for this spring summer.

Our favourite thing about this trend is that you don’t have to be a ‘girly girl’ to get involved. If you are brave enough to take inspiration from your ‘Sweet Sixteenth’ – we salute you! If it’s understated and minimal that you’re after – then channel the trend through a cute bag or pair of shoes. You’ve got this, girls.

So when in doubt – think pink!