Many people often think of Winter as the season that style forgot. Every year we’re bombarded with the same old khaki parkas or sensible rain macs, which, don’t get us wrong are classics that won’t ever fade into the stormy darkness, but here at OTL we understand that you want to be that ray of sunshine that breaks through the clouds, and we’re here to inject some style into those practical wardrobes of yours. 

For the tricky-transitional period that is September and October, when Autumn is only just beginning and it’s not quite time yet to pull out your thermals, a light jacket is just what you need to carry you through the turmoil. Luckily, we have just what you need. Daphnea’s light vinyl jacket is perfect for pairing with a chunky knit and a midi skirt, or just the classic jeans and a tee combo. Or if high-shine isn’t quite your style, then go double in denim in Ghospell’s oversized denim bomber, with contrasting hues of blue to throw shade in the storm. 

Ditch the khaki and opt for a brighter colour palette in one of Jakke’s faux fur coats. Radiating in shades of emerald, cobalt blue and patterns of check or colour blocked, a statement coat like this is sure to give your Winter wardrobe a much-needed lift- and who could say no to feeling snug in faux fur? Cubic also provides us with a revolutionary coatigan, with a regal mauve faux-fur collar and cuffs. A go-to piece for styling your outfit up or down, this isn’t just a new coat, it’s an investment! 

And for the days when practicality is normally forced to overpower fashion, we have the answer to ensure stay-dry style. Daisy Street has blessed our blow dries with their faux-shearling panelled and hooded bomber jacket. The faux-shearling keeps us cosy and the contrasting navy panels are waterproof, all while the hood keeps our hair frizz-free. Or channel your inner Sherlock Holmes by opting for a waterproof double-breasted trench coat courtesy of Jovonna. The bubble sleeves modernise the classic while the simple beige colour palette keeps it simple for crime-busting style.

Whether it’s snug faux-fur or weekend cool vinyl or denim, here at OTL we have the perfect cover-up to take the chill off the post-Summer blues.