Trends are a huge part of the ever-growing fashion equation and are something we can’t help but follow regardless of how weird and wonderful they may be every season… but no matter what, trends will never deter from the importance of the wardrobe essentials.

More commonly known as the foundations for an outfit or the building blocks for any look, it goes without saying that there 6 key pieces that we couldn’t live without - a basic tee, a pair of jeans, a white shirt, a leather jacket, a little black dress and a go-to pair of shoes.

Those 6 essentials come in various shapes and forms, dependant on your approach to style. Here at OTL we like to shake things up a little and turn traditional on its head. So, if you’re interested in twisting the rules a little then check out how a #OTLGirl goes about the fashion fundamentals…

The White Shirt

Whether you’re heading to the office or out for a cocktail, a white shirt is an easy option that will carry you through any occasion or event. Unlike the staple white shirt you may be familiar with, what you’ll find hanging in the wardrobe of an OTL Girl is a high neck shirt with a stepped hem and split cuff. It’s just in their nature to make a statement, what can we say!

The Denim Jean

It doesn't take a jean-ius to work out that well-fitting denim is an essential wardrobe staple. The traditional blue colour way means the denim jean is a blank canvas for styling up – it’s no wonder that they have been around for so long. Although, the skinny jean seems like the obvious ‘go-to’, you’ll find the OTL girl in a cropped flare, with a raw hem!

The Classic Tee

The classic tee has been a staple since, well, forever and is a definitive piece in the fashion formula. In true OTL girl style, we’ve taken a basic and made it not-so basic. It’s very rare that we believe ‘less is more’, but on this occasion, a quirky one sleeved tee is satisfying our love for all things asymmetric this season.


Gone are the days where an LBD actually meant a little black dress – well, at least not for our OTL Girl. There’s nothing ‘little’ about the dress you’ll find her in, that’s for sure – she’s a part of the gang that likes to ‘go big or go home’. Think volume, a little bit of drama and a killer neck line – that’s how we like to do the ‘LBD’.

The Leather Jacket

No wardrobe would be complete without a leather jacket. They go with just about anything and they are the easiest way to layer, with very little effort. Predominantly, you’ll reach for a black version because black goes with everything, right – well where’s the fun in that? The OTL girl will be opting for a metallic biker version, ideal for completing any killer look.

The Shoes

The ‘go-to’ shoe is usually black, possibly a pump of some sort and a classic – they’ll see you through from day to night and they’ll look great with just about anything you wear… but for our OTL Girl, they just won’t do. Queue metallic sequin brogues. Why walk anywhere, when you can dance, shimmer and stand out!