Why not inject a kaleidoscope of colour into your wardrobe this season, girls? It may be Autumn but that doesn’t mean we need to tone down our colour palette’s – it’s about combining contrasting colours in wearable ways and we have just the looks to do this…

The lady in red

This racy hue has gone from being sensual and flirty, to sophisticated and refined. Not only that, it’s a colour that looks fabulous on just about any skin tone – bonus. It’s important to note that you cannot over-do it when it comes to this red, especially when teamed with a harsh and contrasting indigo. Layer your look up with a red lip and don’t forget to feature hints of this shade throughout the outfit, for example in the side stripe of your cord track pants.


How to be a golden girl

Yellow can be quite daunting when worn on its own, but that doesn’t mean you should be put off by this cheery hue. Styled with more wearable colours, such as navy allows a look to have the perfect balance between daring and docile. Also, when yellow is teamed with an exciting texture such as boucle or leather, the combination of the two can cancel itself out, leaving you with a high fashion feel with very little effort.

Be a babe in blue

 Blue is inevitably the easiest colour to wear out of three, it’s traditional, tonal and not to mention the colour of a favoured fabric – denim. It’s difficult to provoke a reaction with blue, but we seem to have cracked the case…the trick is to clash it using pattern. Teamed with vibrant red in an oversized check and styled with a blue stripe shirt on paper sounds like a mismatch, but they somehow complement each other in an extremely intriguing way

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